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Term Definition/Description Source
quad Abbreviated form of quadrangle or quadrilateral. HDBK-850
quad corner areas A user-defined measure relating to the portion of a quadrangle mapping sheet where it joins two or more other sheets. HDBK-850
quadrangle A rectangular, or nearly so, area covered by a map or plat, usually bounded by given meridians of longitude and parallels of latitude. Also called quad; quadrangle map. See also standard quadrangle. HDBK-850
quadrangle map See quadrangle. HDBK-850
quadrangle report A brief history of the mapping of a specific quadrangle. It accompanies the mapping material through each phase of production, and is filed with the map material. The narrative summary for each operational phase stresses conditions that may affect later phases. HDBK-850
quadrant 1. (mathematics) A sector having an arc of 90. 2. (surveying) A surveying or astronomic instrument composed of a graduated arc about 90 in length (180 in range), equipped with a sighting device. The quadrant may be considered a form of sector. Some survey quadrants combine both surveying and astronomic functions. HDBK-850
quadrature 1. The position in the phase cycle when the two principal tide producing bodies (Moon and Sun) are nearly at a right angle to the Earth; the Moon is then in quadrature in its first quarter or last quarter. 2. The situation of two periodic quantities differing by a quarter of a cycle. HDBK-850
quality DISA defines quality as ... providing agreed-upon information systems and related services that are highly valued by the customer, affordable, and timely. [DISA QCS] DISA CFS
quality The totality of characteristics of a product that bear on its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs. ISO/TC 211
quality control The process of taking steps to ensure the quality of data or operations in keeping with standards set for the system. HDBK-850
quality element An item of information describing the quality of a geographic subset. The quality elements are lineage, usage, and the quality parameters. CEN/TC 287
quality indicator A set of one or more quality measures that together indicate the quality performance of a quality parameter for a geographic subset. The quality indicator depends on the kind of information in the geographic subset and the purposes for which the geographic subset has been collected. CEN/TC 287
quality measure The definition of a specific test, including optional algorithms, to be performed on a geographic subset and the type of value, or set of values, that will result from the test. CEN/TC 287
quality measure result A value or set of values resulting from a quality measure applied to an actual geographic subset, associated to the date of the test and metaquality elements reporting the quality of the value. CEN/TC 287
Quality of Protection (QoP) A set of security requirements on the collective behavior of one or more objects. RM-ODP
Quality of Service (QOS) A methodology for delivering similar "content" at different "levels" of quality and/or service. This is determined by both the content provider and the user. Multimedia
Quality of Service (QoS) A set of quality requirements on the collective behavior of one or more objects. RM-ODP
Quality of Service (QOS) A set of characteristics of a connection as observed between the connection end points. In the OSI session and transport layers, acceptable QOS values are negotiated between the service users when the connection is established. TAFIM 3.0
quality parameter A quantitative quality element describing the performance of a geographic subset compared to its nominal ground. Quality parameters applicable to all geographic data are termed primary quality parameter, those specific to certain types of geographic data are termed secondary quality parameter. CEN/TC 287
quality subschema A conceptual schema defining aspects of quality for data about objects included in an application schema. ISO/TC 211
quarter section One-fourth of a section, containing 160 acres more or less. HDBK-850
quarter section corner A corner at an extremity of a boundary of a quarter section. Written as 1/4 section corner, not as one-fourth section corner. HDBK-850
quarter-quarter section corner A corner at an extremity of a boundary of a quarter-quarter section; midpoint between or 20 chains from the controlling corners on the section or township boundaries. Written as 1/16 section corner. Also called sixteenth section corner. HDBK-850
quartz pendulum A pendulum of fused quartz used for determining the acceleration of gravity. Quartz is employed in the construction because its thermal expansion coefficient is only one-fourth that of Invar. HDBK-850
query An operation to retrieve selected information from a dataset without changing its contents. CEN/TC 287
query language Specialized type of command language to elicit information from the computer system. [HCI Style Guide] DISA CFS
query language A set of commands used for data manipulation in data base management systems. HDBK-850
query schema A conceptual schema defining rules and operators involved in requests for data. CEN/TC 287
query transaction A transaction updating an output file. CEN/TC 287
quick-look plot A "draft" plot done very fast, which may not adhere to the positional accuracy or symbolization of the final plot. HDBK-850
quintant A sextant having a range of 144, or an arc of 72. HDBK-850

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