The Purpose of Surveying

Engineering surveying is a genearl term that covers any survey work carried out in connection with the construction of an engineering project, such as a road, a building, a bridge etc. The main purposes are listed below.

  1. To produce up-to-date Engineering Plans of the areas in which the work will be carried out. These plans form the basis for the design of the construction, and so the reliability of the design depends heavily on the attention to detail with which the survey is carried out.
  2. To determine the required areas and volumes of land and materials needed during construction.
  3. To ensure that the construction takes place in the correct realtive and absolute position on the ground.
  4. To record the final position of the construction, including any design changes.
  5. To provide permanent control points from which particularly important projects can be surveyed - such as regular monitering a construction to check for movement.

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