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Surveying Technician – Today





Reporter in front of the surveying technician

Daniel standing at the totalstation.


Floris coming over to the totalstation showing the prism and then the totalstation.


Standing at the fieldcomputer



Cut and then in the office, sitting at a desktop

also sitting at a desktop



Showing a chart of the distance measurement

Reporter: Hello I am from the BBC and we want to make a report about surveying from yesterday till tomorow. I want to ask several surveying technicians what they are doing! So, what are you doing?

Daniel: Hello! We are making a distance measurement.

Reporter: Can you tell me what these devices are?

Floris: This is a prism and over there is the totalstation.

Reporter: ... and how do they work?

Daniel: The totalstation sends a lightbeam to the prism that reflects the lightbeam.

Floris: With help of the lightbeam the fieldcomputer calculates the distance and shows us the data on the display.

Reporter: ...and what are you doing with the data?

Daniel: We can show you what happens with the data in our office.

We connect the fieldcomputer with the personal computer and the data is loaded onto the PC.

Floris: With the loaded data we can draw a map in our CAD-program "geograf". In this program we can produce the map with help of the coordinates and the result is our distance measurement on paper

Reporter: ... and now the measuring is complete?

Floris: Yes, the chart is the result of our work!

Reporter: It was really interesting, thank you for answering my questions. But now I would like to know how surveying in the future will be.


totalstation, prism



personal computer


Surveying technician- Vermessungstechniker/in

Distance measurement- Streckenmessung

totalstation- Tachymeter