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Surveying Technician – Tomorrow





We want to show a scene from the daily routine of a surveying technician.

We will work outside and take the distance measurements behind and in front of a house. We take the best of modern technical.

The data was sent to the office and the programs do all for us.

After the computer-work we print out the results and sent it to the orderer.

We can make all kind of measurements and we’re very flexible



The data will store in the archive in form of CD-ROM

Reporter: Hi, I’m a reporter from the past. Can I ask you about your job?

Sören: Yes of course. I’m Cloud, I’m 24 years old and now I’ll show you my job. I’m a professional surveying technician. And this guy is my teammate.

Tobias: Hi, I’m Bam Margera and I have been a surveying technician for since six years.

Sören: Ok, take the thimble-flash and go to the point.

Reporter: Tell me what are you doing now, please.

Tobias: Come with me and I’ll show you what I am doing.

Reporter: Ok, let’s go.

Tobias: So, this is a foxglove-flash. Now I take the thimble at the corner and then my partner can notice the coordinate of this building-point.

Reporter: Ok, now I want to know what your partner is doing.

Sören: Look, I have stored the coordinate in the Geolegliator and a few seconds later the data will be send to the surveying office.

Now we are ready to send the data to the office.

Tobias: Now we have the data in the office and Tommy our specialist for the digital work.

Michel: Hi, I’m Steve. Should I explain you what I doing?

Reporter: Yes please.

Michel: Okay. The data was just sent at my PC and now I can process them. At first I just have to make a layout. So now the program works for self. It makes a full drawing. And now I have less to do. I just must burn the data on an CD-ROM, because there are many hackers today in the Internet.

Reporter: That’s interesting. Thanks for the interview. It was a wonderful time for me.

Michel: Yes, and I enjoyed your visit, too. Now I go on. I have a lot to do. There are 20 troups out today.


bracelet (paperboard & pencils, aluminium foil)



personal computer with LCD

flash-spirit level

plump botum




data communication- Datenübertragung

digitizing- Digitalisierung

to inject- einspeisen

to bring in- einspielen

evaluation- Auswertung

to adjust- bereinigen

to edit- bearbeiten