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Surveying Technician – Yesterday





Two surveying technicians are standing outdoors and want to measure the distance between two points.
The reporter comes and asks:

The surveying technicians measure the distance.

After having finished they come back to the reporter.

The first surveying technician remarks


He shows the reporter a field book with a sketch.

The reporter asks one more question



The setting changes.

Now there is another surveying technician sitting in an office at a desk

The reporter interviews again



The camera zooms at the paper  while explaining she maps the data


The reporter says goodbye

Reporter: Hello, I’m from the BBC and we want to make a report about surveying technicians from yesterday till tomorrow. How do you measure distances?

Alexander: We start at one parcel border point, measure the length to the next boundary stone and read the result from the measuring tape. We’ll show you!

Reporter: It is possible that you make mistakes, isn’t it? Can you give examples for this?

Stefan: Oh yes, of course it is! We can come out of the line or it is possible that we can differ in the height. So the distance is shown too long.

Alexander: It’s also possible that we read a wrong figure from the tape!

Reporter: And how do you keep the measuring data in mind?

Stefan: We write and draw the data in a field book. Look here!


Reporter: What do you do with the data after having finished the measurement?

Alexander: We give it to the guys in our office. Would you like to join us?

Reporter: Oh yes, of course!



Reporter: Hallo, I’m interested in distance measurements and I’d like to know what do you do with the data.

Annabeth: Oh, that’s nice! We have to map the data, so finally we’ll have produced a new map .

Reporter: Can you show me how you do mapping?

Annabeth: Yes, of course. I’ve already got new data for mapping.

For mapping I only need few things: A scale, a pencil, a mapping-needle, an ink pen and paper. With the mapping-needle I mark the beginning of the line, then I take the scale and mark the ending. With the pencil I connect the two marks, check the length and at last I draw the line with the ink pen.


two sight poles
measuring tape
field book frame


















ink pen
maybe some maps on the wall in the background

sight pole- Fluchtstange

field book frame- Feldbuchrahmen

outdoors- draußen

parcel border point- Grenzpunkt

boundary stone- Grenzstein


height- Höhe













scale- Maßstab
mapping-needle- Kartiernadel