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Surveying technician – tomorrow

At first we made a brainstorming for the topic of the movie. Everyone had the homework to collect ideas. At the next school day we wrote our ideas on the board. Now everyone had to say what his favourites were. We chose the topic “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”. But we had a problem with the sound, because we had only one microphone, so we decided that we have an reporter who asks the actors about their job. After that we split the class into three groups, that was easy, because we are nine people in the class. So for every part we have three pupils. Every group wrote the scenario on the PC in the computer room. After we finished the script and translated all words, we began to film.

Our first step was to film the office scenes of the movie. We put up the workstation where every group made their indoor work scene. But then we got a another problem: We needed a flat screen because the other monitor flickered. So we took the monitor from the staff room. When we finished the recording of the indoor work we hoped we had better weather to film outside. Then we watched the recordings and talked about what we could do better.

At the next school day we filmed outside. We had to make some scenes a couple of times, because we made some slips. Then we watched the recording again and made the decision which inclusions we needed for the movie. Some scenes were not good enough, so we filmed them again.

We got the camera and the equipment for our measurements from the school. The cutting of the movie was made by an pupil from our class. The English words we didn’t know, we searched in the internet.