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Surveying technician – today

At first we made a brainstorming, we searched for an interesting topic. Our idea was to make a film about the methods of distance measurement and mapping in the past, present and the future. Then we divided the class into three groups.

Our group worked out the surveying technician today. In our part of the film we wanted to show the distance measurement with a modern device called “totalstation”. With the CAD-program “GEOgraf” we represented the mapping.

One problem was to explain the totalstation, because we are in the first year of our apprenticeship. Another problem was to find the special words. We also had a lot of problems with filming. For example: most of the time the weather was not suitable for filming, the cable of the microphone was too short and a big problem was to cut the film for the right take-outs.

The school gave us the necessary devices for the distance measurement and there we could use computers to write the texts. Also, we got the camera from the school.