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Surveying technician – yesterday

First of all we had a brainstorming about various things such as the thoughts of Erathostenes, the development of surveying technology,  the job description of a surveying technician ...
Then our class decided to make a movie of the various surveying possibilities.
Therefore we split our class in three groups, yesterday – today – tomorrow.
At the beginning of our group work, we wrote a dialogue manuscript, made thoughts about directions, materials and collected words. After that we made and cut the film sequences.

This was the first movie we produced ourselves. It was a complete new experience for us to decide the correct camera positions and to talk in front of the camera. Another problem was, that there are German words, which you cannot translate. So we made our own definition of these technical terms.

It was very interesting to work in a group, because everybody could integrate his own opinions and thoughts.

The school supports us by allowing us to use the computer room, soccer field and organized the camera and other technical equipment like measuring tape and side poles.

There were several problems during the film production:
First the weather was really bad so we couldn’t make the outdoor scenes. Therefore we had to wait for sunny weather. Additionally, it was difficult to act seriously. So we need a lot of trials until the scene was good enough. Moreover, we couldn’t move where we wanted, because we had only one microphone with a short wire, so we had to rewrite the script.

There wasn’t any support by other people who are not involved in this project.