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Ni 3 of Zeiss

NI Seite
telescopeIf you don´t have much room advisable the use on an ancillary lens, which
for 3 object range to be available. The ancillary lens is with a liable hinge on the lens pipe affixed and must before practice centred.
nominal value of the instrument
plateFor advance of the observational accuracy and so that for exploitation to the full  horizont accuracy of the instrument can the NI3 provided with a plate intention. The NI3 has a plate, whose effected a parallel translation of the target line. The amount of the vetical displacement can be read on a  micrometer barrel. A turn of the micrometer off  0 till 10 has a attitude change of the target line for a lath range to cause.
A sectional drawing of the telescope of NI2 structurally identical with the NI3. The horizontal - line processes over the threepart lens (1,2), the objective lens (3), the prism (4, 5, 6), the reticle (8) and the ocular eye related of the viewer. Infront and behind the commuting prism (5) are two with the system telescope steady arranged under taking prisms (4, 6), their ocularsided (6) qualified as roofprism. One receives side right, upright picture. For a quick fade away of the oscillationof the compensator worries a mute - cylinder (7) durchschnitt
Most engeneer´s levels have a compensator. In the telescope of the engeneer´s level there are optical and mechanic components, which inside a little area set the finished line automatic horizontal. With it meant the automatic. Concerning the confined area of application the engeneer level must be horizont with the cicular vial requires.

      F = leveling screw

  D = circular vial

 SF = micro knob

       ZZ = horizontal circle

VV = vertical axis

Rods for the NI3 can nest or flap. For precisionlevel applies 1,75m or 3m long levelling rod with two abreast obvious partition in cm or half cm. For precisionlevelling with digital levels there are levelling rods with code partition.
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