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The total station Zeiss Elta 4

Bild eines Elta 4
manufacturer: Carl Zeiss    D-73446 Oberkochen

scope:  1000m with one reflector
           4000m with 4 reflectors

measurement duration:   3 sek.

weigth:   5,0 kg
specieletie:          -integrated application program
                          -stationing about known and unknown item
                          -marks destine with angel and distance
                          -stake out
                          -destine of  diagonlly distanc with eventuality
                          -indirect higths destine
                          -measur the bildungface
                          -automatic measur of the temperature
                          -mearusring form distance

price: 30230,- DM (state July 1993)
Bild eines Elta 4


Html: Sabastian Prott; Carsten Malchow