Why  are there apple trees at our school premises?

Because of the Agenda 21 of 1992 which suggest governments how to initiate an effective and sustainable progress in the fields
of economy, ecology, and sociology. Another reason was to present an example of the loss of diversity of species because of the individual consumer's buying habits, especially concerned with edibles. The project was financed by supporters and the college. 

Design of Agenda-Park

Planting of the trees by an “Ethics” class

In December of 2002 the trees were planted in the Agenda Park of the college with the help of a professional appel farme and an agricultural class. At first the plan was to plant 172 apple trees, each one symbolising one state that ratified the Agenda 21. Because of unfavourable weather and frost 
only holes were dug and poles were rammed in the earth where the trees should be planted. At last 110 spots for apple trees were prepared which were planted later on.

From 2005 - 2007 the locations of 116 apple trees were determined by students of VT04, VT05, and VT06. On 26 April 2007 a ditch was dug and 17 trees were destroyed.