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Wild T1000

Wild Heerbrugg, today Wild Leitz                                      
7250,- to 8600,- Euro
2 LCD-notification in every telescope position lighted
automatical correction of the measured data: target line fault, height index fault, terristrial bend, average refraction
angle measureing: sustainable with Absolut-Encoder standard degression (DIN18723):                               1 mgon Hz/V
automatic elevation index (pendulumkopmpensator)
box-office area:                                                         ± 0,1 gradian
box-office accuracy:                                                  ± 0,3 mgradian
telescope with upright picture
Augment:                                                                   30x
Free object lens diameter                                                 42 mm
beeline target amplitude:                                             1,7 m
optic field diameter at 1000 m:                                     27 m
two stage fissuring coarse/subtle
tilt axis height over the tripodplate:                               196 mm
level sensivity circular vial:                                           8'/2 mm
level sensivity Alhidaden level:                                     30''/2 mm
optical plumment at the tripod with 2x zoom
temperture range:                                                       -20°C to +50°C
weight with tripod and intigrated battery:                        5,6 kg


sectional drawing


Display with operation


The Bubble will bring in above the display and it will to missplace the horizontal angle above it. You can sight angles distances and deviacationson on the display.This results were transfer to the connected array processor.With the coordinates,you see on the display,you can stake out by turn arround the thedolite e.g. houses.
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